Now That's A Strong Wind!

We put a lot of effort in but watched it blow away...

The weather over the last few days has been a little different to say the least. One day it was sunny, the next there were hale stones falling from the sky the size of mini golf balls, it's even been chilly in the sun and then there was the wind.

When the lockdown struck many people, including myself and Gemma decided to get into the garden and even though we had recently got rid of our glass greenhouse decided to learn about growing whatever we could from herbs, tomatoes, lettuce and potatoes to sunflowers and beetroots. I'll be honest, the most of simple things like herbs didn't seem to sprout even just a little bit...Oh yeah, we tried sprouts too, no no, let me get that right, we failed at growing sprouts too!

So we got rid of the glass greenhouse...

So we got rid of the glass greenhouse and thought we'd try one of those small frame ones that came with a plastic cover and enough room to grow the essentials in.

It was all good to start with apart from when the 'WIND' made an appearance and decided to put a couple of rips in it. Don't worry, there is nothing that gaffer tape can't fix and as I'm not currently using it on the road at gigs, I may as well use it to fix a few holes in the greenhouse.

There I am stood in the kitchen and "WOW"...

There I am stood in the kitchen and "WOW... look at the wind, really picking up?" I thought. We have a lot of trees at the back of our garden which were swinging from left to right and to be honest I was more than worried that one of the fences was about to fly out from the concrete posts but then it happened and I just stood there and stared as the new greenhouse took flight!

I was almost froze as it happened and watched the wind get under the cover, turning the greenhouse into an incredible kite. To be honest as a child, whenever I bought a kite and took it to a big field or the beach I could never get the thing to fly so I suppose this was like a bumper addition with a little more devastation and upset!

A few of the plants were on shelves inside the greenhouse and sadly they had also decided to take a tumble to the floor. Some had stayed in the pots and the others had completely turned over and emptied. I imagine over the next feet months the ground they have bedded into will start to grow herbs and beetroot and probably more successfully than if they were potted.

After chasing the greenhouse and the plastic pots around the garden as the wind kept blowing, I managed to pick up the frame which had half the cover still attached. If I took the time to put it all back together i'm sure it would have only happened again as I had no way of holding it down with the strong winds still going.

I was gutted that we had made such an effort during the lockdown and within minutes it was all upside down.

I saved what I could and the rest was thrown away and as I got more angry with the situation, I pulled the remaining plastic cover off and threw it into the shed.

Gemma came home to see the devastation and after laughing at the thought of me chasing it around the garden, we took the rest of the frame down and we decided it may be better to have the rest of the plants around the garden instead of inside the greenhouse.

Now we have a few tomato plants and herbs plus a couple of lettuce, beetroot, carrots and some spring onions that we'll do our best to see if we can grow.

I think the moral of the story if you buy this style of greenhouse, is to also buy some good clips to hold down.

Tony x

Q: Did you turn your hand to something slightly different during the lockdown?

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