Is it all too much?

Have I taken on too much?

There is no doubt that the last few months have been a little different for all of us. We've had to make changes, some of them big and some small but there is one thing for certain and that is it's not been an easy few months.

From a personal point of view and I don't want to say too much but as some will know I have been a performer for 28 years.

I have performed for as long as I can remember. When I was on a stage, I truly felt like I was at home and safe... If that makes sense! They say that once you'e done 10,000 hours it makes you an expert in your chosen field. I wouldn't say I was an expert and i'm always learning but after about 94,000 hours, I think I have an idea of what's going on and what i'm doing.

Then the lockdown hit! I won't go into details because I think we all know what's happening and quite frankly we can watch or read about it in a million other places.

I always said when I retired and gave up the life on the road, I would make that decision myself and call it quits on my terms.

To be honest I think I would have kept going until I dropped on stage. However, like many others, that decision was taken away from me. I didn't even get a chance to wind the career down, it just stopped...for now!

Without all the gruesome details and like many other, I had to find other ways to earn an income. Luckily I had already been podcasting for years and my newest show 'Jumbo' had been running for quite some time so now I could put a lot of my effort into making it work and growing the audience.

I have a patreon for Jumbo and I won't deny that it's really hard work to get the support on there and so I am now uploading exclusive videos each month for the people that support me to give as much content as possible. I have some amazing patrons so it really is just a case of growing the audience.

Next up I always wanted a gaming channel, so on top of the podcast I got all the gear I needed to set one up and came up with the amazing name Tony James Games.

I have an amazing friend (Keith) who came to help me out with a loan of a computer. I spent a few hundred pound of my savings on investing in electrical contraptions and things I didn't understand to make it all work.

With everything going crazy on the work front, Keith made me an offer to lend me the computer and see if I could make the channel work, before I made a massive outlay, finding out it's not worked and then being left with a gaming setup that didn't work out. He's given me an opportunity that I will never forget.

Again, it's been hard but I am starting to build the audience and lovely community that are so fab and look forward to seeing them pop up in the chat while i'm streaming.

Some people may say, well that's just playing games Tony? I don't see it like that and the very reason I did it, wasn't just to play games but to earn an income from it to.

I've watched people make thousands, so why couldn't I do the same? Again, the support has started to come in and while i'm streaming or as I like to think, entertaining in a very different way, people donate or give me stars (that is Facebooks finance).

I have also had two online performances as Blobbie Williams. One was for the Worcester Festival and the other for an awards corporate event. I really enjoyed those performances and hope I get more of those jobs in the diary sooner rather than later.

Then I have this Blog every Tuesday and Thursday.

I always liked the idea of writing a blog and what better time to start than now? Suddenly my schedule has gone crazy along with trying to live a life and doing other work like running my social media business (something else I started a few years ago). It really has taken it all to the next level and I seem to be busier than I was when I performed full-time but without the same amount of money coming in.

They say not to spread yourself thin and I think that I may be doing just that and saying i'm thin is something I've never done.

It may seem like a pretty cushy time but it's 10:30pm at night and here I am suddenly realising that I need to release another Blog tomorrow and don't have one ready.

Pump those breaks...

I'd love to be doing all of the things i've mentioned and although I am, I am just one man and realise I need to do what's right for not only making a living and paying the bills but for my own sanity and health too. I'm running 7 days a week from 7am to sometimes gone midnight and then just because it is part of my makeup, I'm always thinking of other things I could be doing and other ways I could be earning. I love art and if I had the time would be trying to sell my art too but there really is no time left in the day.

So what is the answer?

At the moment my biggest earner would be my gigs but they are few and far between, then my social media business, followed by my Podcast Jumbo, then my gaming cannel and finally this blog.

So I have made the sensible decision to take the worry and pressure away from myself by not saying that I will be releasing a blog every single Tuesday and Thursday. I love writing but I need to take a step back. I'm not stoping this blog but I will be releasing it a lot less than I am at the moment.

This will also make for better quality content because I am going to write when I have something to actually write about and not just to get material out because I think I have too.

This will also give me more time to put into the things that are making money which really is the most important thing for me at the moment.

I hope that I have made sense and anyone that does support me understands what I'm trying to say. I think this is also a good place to keep people up to date with my life and what i'm doing so will be able to use this place to do just that.

Thank you for anyone who has supported me or supports any of my future endeavours.

Stay safe and all the love

Speak soon

Tony x


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