How Do You Eat Yours?

It must be an age thing...

I used to think that scoffing porridge for breakfast was boring. It was bland and tasteless and the amount of people I have spoken to that say "Oh No!!! I can't eat that, it's horrible!" really surprises me. They clearly need to check out this Fat's Life blog immediately...

As i've got a little older...YES... A little! I've found myself enjoying things I probably wouldn't have enjoyed when I was 18, like Olives. I thought they were the devils food and tasted more like a drink from the sea or I may have just sucked on a citrus peel. Now If I see a few Olives I can't get enough and i'm all over those beautiful green balls of joy... providing they don't have a stone in them!

It's the same with porridge. I bought in to the fact that it's the sort of food you eat in prison. Even when I filmed the kids TV show The Slammer for CBBC, the food for the inmates was Sloppy Poppy Porridge and reinforced to me that porridge was not the best of meals and to enjoy it you really should be behind bars!

However here I am a little bit greyer, a few years on my side and I'm suddenly loving Porridge for breakfast.

There's no rocket science to this breakfast bad boy and I don't go for any specific type of porridge, the closest on the shelf will do. I put a few extras in and it's turned into a feast for a king or queen.


  1. 4 x tbsp Porridge Oats

  2. Half a cup of Milk

  3. Half a cup of Water

  4. 1 x Banana

  5. A handful of Blueberries

  6. 1 x tbsp Strawberry Jam


Have you ever heard the saying "teaching you to suck eggs?", well that's how i feel telling you how to make a bowl of porridge, it's not the most complicated of things to cook but here's how I start the day.

Just dd 4tbsp's of porridge oats to a pan with a splash of milk and water. I use half and half milk and water and guess at how much I put in. I usually add a little more water or milk as it's cooking to make it as thick or thin as I fancy at the time.

Simmer for 5 minutes then chop and add the banana and blueberries before giving it a light stir. Pop it into a bowl and top it with 1 tbsp of strawberry jam. Of course if you fancy raspberry jam or even chocolate spread go for it.

Sit back, put some cool jazz on the radio and enjoy your porridge like never before!

Ok, I made the cool jazz thing up but wanted to sound good. I usually have the porridge in one hand and work in the other...


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