Classic Tomato Soup

I think i'm proving it doesn't need to be difficult!

The lunch bell has dinged and after filling Hogans belly (my dog) which is the most important thing to do, I can finally tuck into some grub myself and today I had an urge for tomato soup.

If you feel sick head for the chicken soup and you'll be fine in no time. if you feel like a classic go for the tomato soup.

I'll be honest there was a lovely looking tin of thick tomato soup in the pantry but then it struck me, there it was...

Just peaking out from behind the corned beef tin I saw a little scruffy box looking at me.

I could have gone with the nice looking tin of thick tomato soup but something told me to reach out, open the cardboard box and enjoy what was inside.

  • Low in fat

  • No added msg

  • No artificial colours

Everything I needed in a box with 4 x sachets of Bramwells Tomato soup in a cup!

Don't be fooled, i'm not as stupid as I probably am, I cracked some pepper on top and gave it a sprinkle from the Worcestershire Sauce bottle, which is great with cheese on toast (and also a Bramwells product), then added a couple of crackers on the side and I was ready to drip the tomato soup all over my t-shirt while attempting to get it in my mouth!

I could have gone through the hassle of getting the tin opener out of the drawer and putting it on the stove in a pan but no, I opened a box and went upper crust by adding it to a bowl from my plate cupboard.

Have you got any quick and easy lunch ideas that I could try and add here on my blog? Let me know... I just need to pop my t-shirt in the wash as it's covered in tomato soup!

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